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The headshot basics:

What to expect

Our clients get time for lots of looks, but anticipate a minimum of 4 changes.  Within two days of your session we'll provide you with color corrected files from the session. Once you get back to us with your selects we'll include 4 retouches in the price of your session. Additional retouches are $10 each.


$200 a headshot session.


We shoot at our own home in Highland Park, Los Angeles.


Please try not to reschedule, & we'll do the best we can to avoid reschedules ourselves!

If you get an audition let us know right away, but we can accommodate you. Thom's an actor as well & may have to do the same.

We use a daylight studio set up, so please expect a reschedule if the infamous Los Angeles sun fails us.

Methods of payment

Please be ready to provide payment day of session. We regularly use Venmo & Chase Quick Pay but we also accept cold, hard cash.


We do not provide hair & make-up. Most of our clients do their own.  Its always a good idea to go minimal with make-up & hair products for a headshot session. If you would prefer to have a hair & make-up professional, let us know & we can provide contact info for a few great ones!


Our affable Goldendoodle, Lambert, is usually in attendance.  Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding a furry companion during your session.



Real Estate:

For all pricing and booking information please use the form on the left and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please include any relevant information, for example, the location of the project, amount of images needed, intended usage, and timeframe for project completion. We look forward to hearing from you!